At Merrill Hays we offer a core service culture that is entirely focussed on the needs of our clients and their businesses. We understand that confidentiality is a key factor when selling your business and so it is always at the very forefront of our agenda throughout the sales process.

We recognise that some business owners may be concerned about their customers, staff, suppliers or even competitors discovering that they are selling their business. We fully understand this concern and so we have structured processes in place to prevent this from happening.

We will agree with you in advance the type and extent of confidential information that will be included within your Information Memorandum as well as the manner and form for releasing further confidential information to potential purchasers as the sale process progresses.

All interested purchasers will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before any confidential information about your business is provided. This enables the controlled supply of appropriate information, ensuring that the sale progresses in a highly confidential and structured manner.