Why Buy With Us

At Merrill Hays your buying experience matters to us, so we take the time to understand your specific requirements and take pride in offering you a knowledgeable, confidential and responsive service.

Whilst we fully recognise that for the most part we are appointed by the seller of the business, we balance our duty of care to both parties and treat buyers with respect, honesty and transparency. Understanding that today’s business buyers are tomorrow sellers, we seek to build professional and lasting relationships with all buyers; put simply, we want you as a client for life and as such we believe in going the extra mile.

From the outset, we take the time to fully understand your buying needs based upon your location, sector interest, budget and a range of other business buying criteria. We are able to work with whatever timeline you have in place for the purchase of a business. All this information enables us to determine the type of businesses that you are interested in so we can find you the right business as efficiently as possible.

We will monitor and promptly deliver listings that match your criteria and will arrange viewings to suit your schedule. We also utilise our in-depth sector knowledge to help advise on the market value of a business and how right the business is for your needs.