Raising Finance

Before beginning the search to find your ideal business, it’s important to consider the anticipated cost of your target business and how you intend to fund your acquisition.

Whilst some buyers may be in a position to use their own money, others will need to raise finance. There are various forms of acquisition finance and commercial mortgages available from a wide range of sources including high street lenders, challenger banks, financial institutions and specialist lenders.

Lenders will all use slightly different scoring methods and lending criteria. In some instances the amount you are able to borrow will be based upon the level of security you can provide to cover the loan. In other circumstances unsecured loans may be obtainable, based on your ability to repay the loan. As such the financial performance of the business you choose to buy may well determine how much you’re ultimately able to borrow.

Merrill Hays have developed relationships with various lending institutions and finance brokers who would be happy to discuss your situation and the finance options available to you. Please contact us if we can offer any assistance.